30 Apr

Getting water in the speakers of your iPhone could be very troublesome for you but do not worry Apple has this feature for its users using which they can water eject airpods and even from iPhone. In this blog we are going to tell you all you need to know about water eject shortcuts which you need to know. Before we take you to the steps let us tell you some settings which you need to do. You need to move to settings and then go to the shortcuts option followed by allow untrusted shortcuts. 

Steps to use ‘Water eject shortcut’

  1. Open shortcutsgallery.com on the browser you are using and then from there move to click on get shortcut option. 
  2. Now, in this step you have to press add shortcut and then you will be able to see eject water shortcut in my shortcuts section. 
  3. In this step you have to click on shortcut button and then tap on begin water ejection to begin the process.
  4. Your phone will now emit a low frequency sound and you will hear the notification sound when the process of water eject iPhone is completed. 

Adding shortcuts to the home screen 

  1. To add the shortcut to the main screen or the home screen then you need to long press the shortcut button and then press on details button. 
  2. Once the button is clicked you need to press the option of add to home screen so that the short cut could be added to the home screen so that you do not need to go to the apps screen to see the option. 
  3. Now, when you will see hey, siri water eject your command will be immediately executed and water ejection will begin on your iPhone device. 

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