20 May


If you’re thinking of purchasing an iPhone in the coming days, then you need to check a few iPhone warranty things now. In this article we have discovered and shared what is covered in iPhone Warranty and what not.

What does iPhone warranty covers?

An iPhone warranty covers the cost of parts and labor to fix a malfunctioning device. However, if a user modifies his phone, the warranty does not apply. Unless otherwise specified, Apple will not replace or repair your device unless it has been tampered with. The terms and conditions of the warranty vary according to the country in which you purchased your iPhone. Here are some things to keep in mind when purchasing an iPhone warranty.

How to check iPhone Coverage warranty?

First, check the coverage on your warranty. You can check the coverage status by going to the "About" menu. Under the serial number, you will find the expiration date of the warranty. The next section will include details of the coverage on the device, including Hardware Coverage, Technical Support, and Paid Repairs. If your warranty is expired, you will need to pay for the repairs. This is an inconvenience and is usually not worth the money. 

Will the iPhone warranty cover water damage?

If your iPhone has water damage, you should take it to a local Apple repair shop or to an authorized Apple retailer. In some cases, your warranty will not cover water damage, so you'll have to pay for the repairs yourself or you can even turn water eject on iPhone. If you do, it's important to follow all instructions before calling or sending your device. It's better to take your time and check with your provider before making the decision. In many cases, the warranty doesn't cover these issues if you've been using your iPhone in the water.


It will be easy for you now to make the decision whether you should purchase Apple Products or not. You can definitely consult the Apple Service Center also regarding the warranty cover damage.

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